“Basketball not only changes our way of acting and helps with all our physical abilities, but it changed how I think. I thank God for this opportunity. It really improved my physical resistance, I can now run up and down the stairs, and it made me happier. Thank you, coach and basketball”


Raphael Martinez de Jesus – 6ºB – student E.E. Olga Benatti


I didn’t like basketball, but there was a championship at school, so I started liking it more. When teacher Daniel told us about the project, I soon thought of trying a new experience.

After a while, I realized the project is amazing, the teacher help us a lot, the teacher helped us a lot, I learned a lot, so I liked basketball even more.

The festival was amazing, even though we lost 1 game and won the other, because what matters is that we got to know the project better


Laisa, student E.E. Odon Cavalcanti


“…ever since he got in, he only showed gains: in personal maturation, will, friendship, team work. To be part of something bigger is very important to him.”


Paulo Samá


“…I can only thank for all this knowledge, commitment and dedication from the professionals at Instituto Superação in favour of our students.”


Teacher Marcelo Santana Melhado, EE Coelho Neto


“I can only thank the project organizers and coaches, which are extremely competent but, above it, are examples to these boys. Examples of determination, discipline and serious work. Coaches that, when my son needed them the most, were by his side, to give him support, courage and affection…”


Ana Paula, student mother aluno Enzo Benedetti


I think this first semester in Superação was wonderful.

I’m sure it will grow and become even better than it is. I got to learn a lot, from throwing the best way to marking, feint, pass, everything inside the basketball.

I already liked basketball before this project, I always liked playing, but after I learned how to do things right, I got an ever bigger will to play.

The festival day was fantastic: fun matches, delivery of medals, shirts raffle and everyone was very happy to be there.

I think this project helped many students around. I, for myself, have the will to become a basketball player.

I really miss the practices, playings basketball, feeling the emotion. Basketball helped me a lot, because I was always a good student, took good grades, but after I starting playing basketball I got an even bigger will to study.

I always tried to me humble, a good person, a respectful one, and with basketball I became better.

I’m crazy for holidays to end so that I can go back to practices, to playing basketball.

I thank Superação for the beautiful project their doing and my teacher, Daniel, who always had the calm and pleasure to teach me and teach my team colleagues.


Ricardo, student E.E. Odon Cavalcanti