TAX DEDUCTION (imposto de renda)

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Fisical person: up to 6% of income tax due
Legal person: up to 1% of income tax due


Deposit the desired amount into the project bank account (open and supervised by the brazilian Sports Ministery) until the last business day of the current year and notify us by e-mail.

Upon confirmation of your deposit, you will receive the receipt as proof of the donation.

The reimbursement of the value of the donation made will come in the following year, in the form of restitution or lowering the amount of the IR to be paid.


Agência: 2807 – X
Conta Corrente Vinculada: 48746-5
CNPJ: 13.914.561/0001-48

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– With the Project approved by the Ministry of Sports by the Tax Incentive Law, the Superação Institute is authorized to receive donations that can be directly deducted from the donor’s income tax.

– As a natural person, you can allocate up to 6% of the tax due for this purpose. It is necessary to make your donation directly in the current account of the Superação Institute linked to the Ministry of Sports.

– The deadline for donation is until December 31 of this year.

– The amount donated should be reported later in your Annual Adjustment Statement, next year.

– After making your donation, send an e-mail to with your data and the amount donated.

– In response to your e-mail, Instituto Superação will send you a receipt that serves as your donation receipt.

– In the following year, in order to have the deduction, you should inform the Income Tax statement of the payments made on the “Donations Made” form, indicating the name of the beneficiary, the registration number in the National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ) or the Individuals (CPF), the code and the amount donated.

– Deductions from donations can only be made on the full income tax return template.

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Education through sports

Always do your best – “Ganbatte” – that’s what we want to build in each person in our project.

“Ganbate” is a japanese encouraging expression that means “Hang on, dont give up, give it your best!”. It’s a way of wishing someone to conquer a goal or to cross a barrier, challenges that demand effort.

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