Our Mission

Instituto Superação’s mission is to contribute to the education of children and youth, developing key values for life, through integrating education and competitive sports. These values are team spirit, discipline, commitment, determination, humility and love.

To reach our goals, we work on two cornerstones: competitive and development.

On the first, four teams (sub 11, 12, 13 e 14), composed by athletes from private and public schools, practice weekly and dispute the official championships.

The development cornerstone takes part only in public schools. Throughout the process, physical education teachers are trained in monthly modules, using an exclusive methodology, to become specialized coaches in basketball and, with this new knowledge, train their students outside of class, keeping our mission moving.



Our “Angels”

Our “angels” are the coaches in our team who closely accompany the practices of the competitive teams and that act as tutors for the development cornerstone, offering their full attention and support to the athletes and teachers in formation. They carefully evaluate each participant’s individual development, referring the athletes with the most potential to tests and evolution opportunities in basketball. Their part is essential to encouraging and motivating everyone, and it’s not for nothing that they’re called this special nickname.