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Instituto Superação’s mission is to contribute to the education of children and youth, developing key values for life, through integrating education and competitive sports.

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Education through sports

Always do your best – “Ganbatte” – that’s what we want to build in each person in our project.

“Ganbate” is a japanese encouraging expression that means “Hang on, dont give up, give it your best!”. It’s a way of wishing someone to conquer a goal or to cross a barrier, challenges that demand effort.

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“Basketball not only changes our way of acting and helps with all our physical abilities, but it changed how I think. I thank God for this opportunity. It really improved my physical resistance, I can now run up and down the stairs, and it made me happier. Thank you, coach and basketball”
Raphael Martinez de Jesus - 6ºB - student at state school E.E. Olga Benatti

“I didn’t like basketball, but there was a championship at school, so I started liking it more. When teacher Daniel told us about the project, I soon thought of trying a new experience.
After a while, I realized the project is amazing, the teacher help us a lot, the teacher helped us a lot, I learned a lot, so I liked basketball even more.
The festival was amazing, even though we lost 1 game and won the other, because what matters is that we got to know the project better.”
Laisa, student at state school E.E. Odon Cavalcanti

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